halloween-4-siteSHOWING FRI OCT 14th and SAT OCT 15th! It’s been a decade since Michael Myers returned to Haddonfield, and tonight he’s back! While being transferred to another hospital, Myers, who’s been in a coma for the last ten years, awakens when he hears that he has a niece back in Haddonfield, and escapes to find her… and Dr. Loomis sets out once again to find him. Meanwhile, Myers’ niece Jamie Lloyd is having nightmares about her evil uncle. Her step-sister, Rachel Corruthers, takes her out trick-or-treating, but instead of finding a night of fun, they find a night of terror!  (A DCP Presentation)


Release date: OCT, 1988 (USA)
Cast: Donald Pleasence, Ellie Cornell, Daniel Harris